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Smartgyro WriterAug 21, 2023

Smartgyro Sponsors the MidAtlantic Billfish Tournament

Smartgyro is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the highly anticipated MidAtlantic Billfish Tournament. The company will be supporting the event to showcase the unique technology behind its state-of-the-art products, which not only offer some of the best stabilizing solutions for sportfishing vessels, but also benefit boat owners with their design allowing more time for fishing in comfort and safety.

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Set to take place on the 20th-25th of August, the MidAtlantic Billfish Tournament brings together passionate anglers, owners and crews from all corners of the world. This tournament promises thrilling action and fierce competition, magnified by its unique location in the heart of the mid-Atlantic sportfishing community. The presence of Smartgyro at the event will provide an ideal opportunity to discover how the modular nature of the design allows a greater degree of flexibility with installation, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum as well as allowing servicing and maintenance to be carried out in situ more quickly and easily.

Smartgyro’s innovative features also bolster each unit’s longevity with its unique cooling system which extends the motor life and reduces bearing wear. For additional efficiency, Smartgyro features vacuum operation for better performance due to reduced weight, less power draw and reduced heat buildup. The advanced safety controls help to protect against damage caused by failures and overloads and are supported by a simple user interface to allow crew to respond intuitively to the system.


"We are delighted to both sponsor and attend our first MidAtlantic Billfish Tournament, an event that celebrates the spirit of boating and fishing," said Bob Walker, Smartgyro Technical Sales Manager.

“Our gyroscopic stabilization technology is engineered to provide an unsurpassed level of comfort and stability on the water which plays a huge part in the overall enjoyment of fishing tournaments. This event is the perfect platform for us to showcase our cutting-edge solutions to a global audience of passionate boat owners, boat builders and fishing enthusiasts."


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Smartgyro systems enhance onboard comfort, lessen motion sickness, and increase safety onboard for both passengers and crew members alike, by delivering maximum anti roll technology. With Smartgyro’s stabilizers, users can enjoy their offshore experiences to the fullest, whether running the rough waters to the Canyons or maintaining a stable platform from which to fish more effectively and comfortably.

Beyond the tournament, Smartgyro remains dedicated to providing continuous support to the angling community and fostering a culture of safer and more enjoyable sportfishing experiences. By consistently developing and refining their gyro stabilizers, Smartgyro aims to become an integral part of anglers' pursuits worldwide.

Come and visit Smartgyro at Cape May where our experts are on hand to answer any questions about our stabilization systems.




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